Extensive cohesive solutions

At KPR Towers, our experienced team has all the competencies required to manage Network Roll-outs and to optimise existing towers both in terms of antenna capacity and revenue. We can help you with the entire process, from providing radio planning for the expected coverage, and further deploy complete new towers in order to provide you with the Tower space that you need to rent. This leads to extensive cohesive solutions with full control over quality, KPI and finances.

We solve your challenges

KPR TOWERS will assist you with all aspects of deploying and managing Towers for telecommunications - both technical, business-related and operational. Here you can read more about our various services.


Among our services, we offer static analyzes for existing structures and design strengthening solutions which can increase the antenna capacity and the lifetime of the Towers and Rooftop structures.

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We manage Operator's Towers in cases where 3rd party Operators install their equipment on pure rental basis. This is done on complete Turnkey basis.

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KPR Towers can take over complete turnkey assignments such as establishing Radio Links and complete Network updates. We also purchase existing towers, including operation and maintenance obligations.

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Site Acquisition

We will assist you throughout the process - from radio technical analysis to site owner contracts. We secure all the data and permits on your behalf.

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Tower booking

Coming soon

In May 2019, KPR Towers will enter the Telecom market with an effective and remarkable tool for booking available spaces on Towrers around the world. This gives you a flexible and profitable way of increasing your network capacity, and also a boost in terms of reducing the time need to establish a site.

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Built on experience

KPR Towers is created by dedicated professionals. Our ambitions are extensive, and they are pursued by a strong and experienced executive management and board of directors. Today, the team at KPR Towers consists of 81 employees, distributed across offices in Denmark, India and Myanmar.

KPR Towers covers the entire world

KPR Towers is a local around the world, with an understanding of markets and subcontractors in the most important rapidly growing countries.

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You are always welcome to contact us if you want to hear more about how we can solve your challenges. You can send us a mail here, and then we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also call us at + 45 8660 3505.