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KPR Towers specialises in telecommunication towers. In addition to relying on our technical expertise, you can also select from a number of operational models that provide you with more flexibility, a superb overview, minimal capex and reduced opex.

Tower Loading Validation

- assessment of capacity and life expectancy

It is crucial to have a professional assessment of capacity and life expectancy when you need to get an overview of your portfolio of masts. Regardless of whether it is related to an investment or if the masts are going to be a part of your network. At KPR Towers, we can make these assessments on site and also assist you with input for optimisation right away. In that way, you can avoid dismantling and replacing active masts – and it saves you from having to deal with costly downtime.

Product design

- Customised solutions for network expansion.

When you are faced with large network rollouts, KPR Towers can deliver project-specific and cost-optimised mast designs that can be produced on a pure royalty basis, no matter what country you want to place the masts in.

We have many years of experience, and combined with an innovative mindset and a unique knowledge of standards, we often create significant savings for our customers in the mast production, regardless of which steel producer you might choose to build our designs. KPR Towers is also happy to take on the task of quality assurance for the steel producers in question.


- quick rollouts and operational stability

KPR Towers can manage all jobs in connection with your network expansion or the operation of passive networks. Therefore, you have the opportunity to outsource the operations of your portfolio of towers to us, and we can also deliver a large Rollo-ut as a turnkey solution. Our experience with this area ensures that you will get a quick and reliable execution.

Site Acquisition

- from radio technical calculations to site owner contracts

Telcon is now a part of KPR Towers, and therefore we can also offer to find you the new and most optimal positions you need in your network expansion. We ensure that you get the best and most optimal sites, and that all the permits and approvals are in place.

Additionally, our skilled team has many years of experience with renegotiating lease contracts on contemporary terms. Read much more here.

Enhancement solutions

- increased capacity and longer life expectancy

The current capacity does not necessarily need to be a limiting factor for what the potential is. A wide range of enhancement solutions can increase the capacity – and thus the value – of a mast or an entire portfolio of towers.

KPR Towers can also provide you with a long series of solutions that extend the life expectancy and put a stop to deterioration due to, for example, corrosion.


- managing several operators on the same mast

KPR Towers manages Co-location masts with several operators. This allows you, as a tower owner, not to worry about the technical and practical aspects. We work with distributing space, calculating the strength and life expectancy, site project planning and building – and we also deploy the installation works for you. Management of documentation and invoices for operators is also one of the areas that you as a tower owner can outsource to us.

Purchase of existing towers

- maximum flexibility with minimal capex

KPR Towers provides you with the opportunity to sell your portfolio of towers, or parts of it, and at the same time sign a financially beneficial lease agreement. The solution reduces capex to being only the technical equipment itself, and therefore provides you with optimal flexibility.
The leasing prices of the towers vary from country to country, and to the greatest extent possible, they follow the political or industry determined capacity calculation and regulatory frameworks that are in the current country.

Tower booking from March 2018

- the fastest way to expand your network

Our goal is to offer you the most cost-effective way of getting increased passive network capacity. Sometimes this means a new setup, enhancement or a new purchase, but in many cases, leasing space on existing Towers is the right solution.

Therefore, we at KPR Towers have now created Tower Booking as a service for you which shows the selection of available spaces on towers – and eventually, it will cover most areas in the world.

Supplier management and quality assurance

- from offers to the final site approval

Innovative design of towers in addition to other load-carrying constructs for antenna installations are a good starting point for a successful Roll-out, but it is all about the final result. Therefore, KPR Towers offers to provide site supervision of the production and current site construction.

For example, we are also ready to offer immediate revised foundation solutions if, during the construction work, it turns out that perhaps the soil conditions are different from what was listed in the geotechnical analysis.


- planning and coaching of local teams

The life of a tower can be significantly extended if they are maintained properly. At KPR Towers, we have many years of national and international experience in coaching local operational staff on-site.

This allows us to bring our technical expertise into play with the professionals who can make a difference when it comes to life expectancy and operational reliability. We also provide precise maintenance plans – both for newly deployed towers and for towers that perhaps has undergone a rectification or an enhancement upgrade to their power.

Special towers

- solar energy, offshore and street lighting

KPR Towers supplies customised optimal tower designs for telecommunications, based on our unique knowledge of construct designs and foundations.

If your company is facing technical challenges related to towers for other purposes, we are also ready to advise you or take on the design tasks on a pure royalty basis.

Furthermore, we have extensive experience with solar power towers, street lighting towers, offshore towers and a number of other specialised areas.


- Benefit from our experience

Providing professional advice is about a lot more than experience. KPR Towers has been around for 14 years, and we are specialists in our fields. In fact, 85% of our highly skilled employees have had their 10-year anniversaries, and several even have more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

They therefore know all the challenges related to building masts and site construction, and they can also add valuable knowledge to your company when it comes to operating and financing portfolios of towers.

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